Why should anyone care about you?

Let's show them why they should.


How we help.

It's simple. We help by being what you need.  Guess what? Too often, specialists recommend their specialty. Web designers recommend a new website.
Digital shops think you need more social media.
Designers say you need new brochures.

Maybe. Maybe not.


We think it's smarter to use the right tool for the job, not make the job fit the tool.

We start by asking questions about you, your needs and what success looks like.
Then we get to work using the tools that will give you the results you want. 

Simply put, your brand is being defined daily. If you aren't doing it, the public is. Who would you rather have in control?

Your online presence is often someone's first impression about you.

And don't kid yourself, if it's not good and up to date, you are hurting that impression. 

There are lots of ways to talk to people these days. And advertising is still an effective way if done correctly. Plus it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to make an impact. 

We get it. Social media can be confusing. Think of it like this: Would you like to talk to every client, customer, or member anytime you wanted to? This is how.

The team you need

Sometimes our clients call us their marketing company.

Others say we're their ad agency or PR firm.

That's fine.

But what we are is a team built to help smaller associations and companies have a larger voice.

We focus on helping you find the right strategy and get the best creative solutions to have as much impact as you can. 

To keep our core team small (and our overhead low), we work like a Hollywood movie. For each project, we assemble the best team for the best results. Then, when the project is finished, they go away until the next project.  What this means to you is you'll always have experienced, creative talent working on your project at a reasonable cost.

Dave Mangan

Boss, Creative Director, Chief Dog Walker. I have spent my career building brands for a wide range of clients.  Whether they've been big firms like McDonald's, Diet Coke, and United Airlines, or smaller organizations like the Wheat Foods Council, National Oilseed Producers Association, and PIAA, it's all about making that connection with their audiences. Giving people a reason to care.  I love what I do. Great team, great clients. Beats working for a living.

Project Manager, Designer and Social Media Goddess

Strategist, Registered Dietitian, and World Class Triathlete

Writer, PR maven, with a touch of Southern charm

Copywriter extraordinaire and all-around Bon Vivant

Web design expert and Mr Cool-Under-Pressure

Kevin the Wonder Dog

The Agency's CMM- Chief Mood Modifier


A taste of past work


Clients we have & had

We've had the pleasure of working with a lot of great clients. Here's a small sampling of current and past relationships.

(Dave worked with the bottom four before he formed k+m)





So, how can we help?



Call, write, or text. Let's see how we can help you.





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